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Health issues

Generally people of all ages and health conditions can participate in a tour of China. However since China is not as disability-friendly as most Western countries people with disabilities should contact us for information on the practicalities of how to handle this during a tour.


If you use medication you should bring this for the tour as some types of medicine are hard to get in China.


When traveling to remote or high altitude areas please consult with us before the tour if you have any concerns about the area(s) you will be going to. If you have respiratory problems please also consult with your own doctor if you are planning to travel to high altitude areas (e.g. Tibet and other mountainous areas).


In case you should experience health issues while on a tour please notify your guide immediately and get help. GCT will assist in any way possible to help you solve your problem, including keeping in contact with your insurance agency for updates on the situation.

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