At Genuine China Tours we believe that we are not selling tours, we are selling dreams – travel dreams. Traveling is not only about visiting the major sights at a destination, it is also about experiencing a place and getting to know it better, to see the well-known sights but also to gain insight into many more aspects of China than what you see on the surface.

A trip to China should be the trip of a lifetime. It is with this thought in mind that we design our tours. We want you, our guest, to go home and feel like our services really made a difference for your tour, and that our deep commitment to travel in China shines through in all aspects of your experience while here.


In order to fully understand our own services we have, quite literally, traveled everywhere in China, and speak from personal experience when we suggest a tour or destination to you. This also means that we do know the exact details for every part of your trip, and do not need to rely on second hand information to design a tour for you.


We know what the hotel is like in Tongdao City, Hunan Province. We know which route is best to travel along in Southern Gansu Province. We know how to find the Great Wall ruins outside Yinchuan in Ningxia Province. When booking a tour with us you not only book a tour - you book a tour with people who have actually been to the destination ourselves.


We know. We've been. Now it's time for you to go.