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China is a very safe country to travel in. Small crimes such as theft and burglary happen and you should take care of your belongings when in public places. However violence is rarely seen and foreigner-targeted violence only occurs extremely rarely. Most hotels have safety boxes for storing valuable items.

At airports and train stations security is very tight, and all Chinese airlines have very good safety track records. All the major airlines are using modern fleets to carry out the thousands of domestic flights every day.


In case you do loose something due to theft you should report the incident to the local police authorities immediately. Although they may not be able to help you recover the lost item(s) you will likely need a police report to make a claim to your insurance agency.


Although rarely checked foreigners are required to carry proof of identification at all times. If you loose your passport you should report this to your embassy or consulate immediately in order to have an emergency passport issued, and you should also report this to local police in order to get a permit to travel in China without a passport.


In case of an emergency you should keep the contact details of your insurance agency with you at all times.


If you are traveling on a GCT tour and urgently need assistance you can call our emergency hotline (provided with your tour itinerary) for help. In many cases our guides will also be able to assist you directly while on the tour with you.

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