General: all foreign visitors to the People’s Republic of China are required to hold a visa for China with at least one valid entry. The visa must be presentet to customs upon arrival in China.


Tourist Visa (L visa): for regular tourists a tourist visa (L visa) is required, which must be obtained at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country, country of residence or in the country you are currently traveling in. For some countries a detailed travel plan must be submittet along with the regular visa application. Please contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the country you plan to apply for visa to China in for detailed information about your specific situation.


Business Visa (M visa / commercial visa): travelers coming to China for business should apply for a business visa. This requires an invitation from the host organization.


Visa on arrival: it is possible to obtain a visa on arrival in China (currently in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou). This visa is valid for 72 hours and requires proof of outbound ticket within 72 hours of arrival.


Invitation Letter: in some cases an invitation letter is required to obtain a visa for China. If you are group traveling on a group visa you must present an invitation letter from the host or organizing organization in China (e.g. a travel agent). If you travel to China to visit with family or friends they must provide the letter for you. Genuine China Tours will issue you an invitation letter for the duration of your trip with us in China; however we cannot issue invitation letters to travelers who do not travel with us.


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