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How to book

Booking a tour of China with GCT is a simple procedure. You can send a request by filling in the ‘Inquire about a Tour’-field that you will find on any page on our website. When we have received your inquiry we will reply to you within 48 hours with a detailed tour plan and confirmed price. If this is all to your liking we can proceed to booking details.

In case you have special requirements or are in doubt about which tour is suitable to your needs please contact us for more information. You can call us, skype us or send an email. If you are already in Shanghai you are also very welcome to come to our office for a personal meeting with one of our consultants about your wishes. All GCT staff are very knowledgeable about virtually all destinations in China and will be happy to assist with any question you may have.

Because of international flight booking laws GCT is not allowed to book flights into China from abroad. If you wish to include international flights into our service package please send us contact information of your preferred travel agent in your home country and we will get in touch with them to arrange the details.


Booking Procedure:
1) Get in touch with us to let us know which tour you wish to book. The more information you can give us (# rooms, # adults / #children, special needs etc.) the faster we can send you a precise tour itinerary and quote
2) Once you have received our suggested tour itinerary and quote, and you have decided to book the tour in question, send us passport copies of all travelers in your party by email (GCT must receive passport copies of all travelers in your party in order to complete a booking).
3) Let us know your preferred payment method. Once we have received a deposit or full payment we will confirm hotels, flights, trains and/or guide services and send you a final itinerary and voucher.
4) Pay remaining fees (if any). You are ready for your tour!

Please note that a booking is only completed when deposit or full payment has been made, and GCT has received passport copies of all travelers in your party. Genuine China Tours will not book flights, hotels or any other service before either payment has been made directly at our office in Shanghai, or a bank transfer to our company account has been confirmed by our bank. Please note that a wire transfer may not be immediately confirmed.


Terms of Payment:
Full tour amount must be paid before departure date of tour. The following general rules apply:
1) If booking a tour within three weeks of departure full tour amount must be paid immediately.
2) If booking a tour earlier than three weeks before departure a deposit must be paid. Deposit amount varies depending on the type of tour but is generally set at 50% of full tour amount. The remainder must be paid no later than three weeks prior to departure.


Flight Changes:
Flights in China, especially on less serviced routes, may change after your booking. When booking a tour with Genuine China Tours the traveler(s) must accept flight changes that are outside our control. In case of any changes Genuine China Tours will notify you as soon as the new departure time has been confirmed by the airline.


Pricing of Tours:
Genuine China Tours prices tours based on current laws of The People’s Republic of China. Please read your tour itinerary and price quote carefully and do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any question you might have.


Cancellation Policy:
Although we try to return as much as possible we are also reliant on aviation laws and hotel cancellation procedures. The following general rules apply(percentages are of full tour amount):
1) Cancellation more than two weeks before departure: 90%
2) Cancellation one to two weeks before departure: 80%
3) Cancellation 2-5 days before departure: 60%
4) Cancellation 1 day before departure: 40%
5) Cancellation on day of departure: 0%
If cancellation takes place after we have issued flight tickets or conflicts with hotel cancellation policies, and the lost amount is greater than the appropriate percentage stated, then the difference in cost is carried by the travelers.
ATT: A cancellation fee of 1% of full tour amount is charged regardless of time of cancellation.


Change of Itinerary:
You can at any time before departure contact us for changes you may wish to make to your tour itinerary and we will do our best to redesign your tour according to your needs. However, as several factors of your tour may be out of our control we encourage you to make the changes needed as early in your booking procedure as possible. For specific changes in flight itineraries and hotel bookings relevant fees apply.


Genuine China Tours includes a Chinese travel accident insurance in our prices, but we also strongly recommend that you have an insurance of your own.

For more information or booking please contact us at info@gogct.com or call or skype us.

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