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6 Days All Inclusive Gansu Tibetan New Year Festival No Shopping Tour 2024 (Tour code: EGGS6)
Themes:Culture, nature, minorities
Destinations: Shanghai - Gansu Lanzhou - Hezuo - Langmusi - Xiahe - Shanghai
From: $1650
February 20th, 2024 Tuesday
Destination Shanghai - Lanzhou - Hezuo
Activities We depart Shanghai and fly to the capital of Gansu Province, Lanzhou. After lunch by the airport, we start our journey into the Tibetan territory(approx. 4.5hrs), slowly climbing to 3000 meters altitude. On the way to visit the Octagon City, a Tibetan family visit and lunch. From the bus we can enjoy the karst Gansu countryside scenery before we reach Hezuo, check-in and rest.

Gansu's stunning scenery

Meals Lunch and dinner
Accommodation 4* hotel
February 21th, 2024 Wednesday
Destination Hezuo - Langmusi
Activities After breakfast we visit the Tibetan Mila Repa Buddhist Pavilion and the temple. As we leave Hezuo we start our journey into the heart of the Tibetan areas, slowly climbing to 3300 meters altitude (approx 3.5hrs). Here and there we will likely see herds of yak grazing. The traditional homes of the Tibetans, distinguished by white walls and colorful window frames, are becoming the dominant style of housing. When we reach Langmusi we check in at our modest hotel. The scenery is stunning, with snow-capped mountains all around us if it snowed before. Free time on your own or follow our local guide to explore this small Langmusi town before we gather again for dinner.
Attractions The Tibetan Mila Repa Buddhist Pavilion and the temple, Langmusi Village, Gansu's stunning nature
Meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Accommodation 4* hotel
February 22th, 2024 Thursday
Destination Langmusi - Xiahe
Activities Witness the sunning of the Tangka. Not much else in this world comes close to the experience of being part of the crowd that gathers to see what, to many Tibetans, is the most important religious relic anywhere in the world. At some point during the morning the monks from Langmusi Temple will carry the Tangka out from the dark halls inside and display it on a nearby mountainside. The Tangka, a 40-by-20 meter large painting of Buddha, is only displayed for about 30 minutes every year, on this day, and attracts huge numbers of pilgrims. The grand spectacle is preceded and followed by hundreds of monks accompanying the Tangka with music and prayers. If we are allowed we also enter the temple itself. It is not large, but is considered one of the most important and is part of the grouping of the six great monasteries outside Tibet itself. It is part of the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. We have lunch in Langmusi before we board the bus. We have a four hour drive to reach Xiahe, where another part of the festival will take place tomorrow. After arrival in Xiahe we have dinner and relax.
Attractions Langmu Monastery, participate in the religious festival 'The Sunning of the Tangka'
Meals Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Accommodation 4* hotel
February 23th, 2024 Friday
Destination Xiahe
Activities After breakfast we head for Labrang Temple. Centuries old, this is one of the largest, most beautiful and influential temples outside of Tibet. During the morning a huge crowd will gather outside the main entrance to the temple, as will we. The center of the spectacle is the Cham Dance, a religious dance where dancers dressed in ornamented costumes, accompanied by monks playing music on traditional Tibetan instruments, offers moral instructions and merit to all who listen. This is one of the most important aspects of the Monlam Festival, also known as the Great Prayer Festival, which we have come to participate in.
Attractions Labrang Monastery, participate in the incredible Monlam Festival
Meals Breakfast and dinner
Accommodation 4*hotel
February 24th, 2024 Saturday
Destination Xiahe
Activities After breakfast we visit other scenic spots in the temple, incl. the Main Assembly Hall, the Suyouhua Pavilion, the Nunnery and the Mongolian Sect. Afternoon is on your own before we meet again for dinner. Tonight is the very important 'blessing of the pilgrims', which will draw thousands of pilgrims back to the temple, where they line up and await the blessing by one of the monks. We may be allowed to watch from the courtyard in front of the temple.

Labrang Monastery, the Blessing of the Pilgrims

Meals Breakfast and dinner
Accommodation 4* hotel
February 25th, 2024 Sunday
Destination Xiahe - Shanghai
Activities We leave Xiahe early for the rather long drive (approx. 4 hrs) back to the airport near Lanzhou. We stop for lunch somewhere around Linxia or Lanzhou, and then continue to the airport for check-in formalities and our return flight to Shanghai. Tour ends.
Attractions Gansu's stunning scenery
Meals Breakfast and lunch
Accommodation Not incl.
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