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Shanghai Private Historic Walk
Themes:History, culture, modern China
Destinations: Shanghai
From: RMB 400
Destination Shanghai
Activities We begin our tour of colonial Shanghai at the famous Peace Hotel. From here we embark on a tour of this amazing and historic city that takes us through some of the most interesting places in the classic Huangpu area. We walk along The Bund with all its former glory, and hear the stories of Shanghai’s ups and downs through history. As we enter Chinatown we also enter an entirely different world. As the foreign powers controlled the most important parts of Shanghai the Chinese stayed in their own part of the city, the original Shanghai. In here they could live like they wanted, undisturbed by the Western influence. Chinatown is a great example of the Shanghainese approach to life. In Chinatown we visit the City God Temple, a very active and lively temple where we get insight into Chinese belief systems. Both Daoism and Confucianism have had enormous impact on the China we see today, and in order to really understand China you need to get under the skin of its original philosophies. Even today, in modern politics, the traces of these influential philosophies are very much evident. Next to the temple we find the Garden of Joy. An exquisite example of Chinese garden art, this garden is regarded as one of the finest in this part of the country. Also in Chinese gardens you can learn about what has helped shape the China we know today, especially in business relations. During the tour your guide will incorporate historical information and the things we see to paint a picture of both ancient China and the modern world that is Chinese society today, and how China’s long history still very much influences the private sphere, the business world and the politics of the country today.
Attractions The Bund, Chinatown, Yuyuan Garden, City God Temple, Yuyuan Bazaar
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400 RMB/person at 1-5 persons

350 RMB/person at 6-10 persons

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English-speaking guide

Entrance fees where applicable

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Important tour information
This is a walking tour. We will walk approx. 5 kilometers (3 miles). There are only a few places to rest along the way. Please prepare accordingly and wear comfortable walking shoes for the tour.
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